Exactly what are a few of the advantages of online freelance writing?

Exactly what are a few of the advantages of online freelance writing?

Susan Mukami,Oketch Austine, David Kiriinya, Irene Wanjiru Gichuki and Billy Muyeka Muchesia work exclusively regarding the cyberspace, capitalising on the ever-increasing opportunities online. They tell us so just how ‘cosy’ it is to function from the couch, into the comfort of the homes. PHOTOS| CHRIS OMOLLO, PHOEBE OKALL AND DENNIS ONSONGO

In Conclusion

  • They don’t yearn for any office job many graduates that are young of; freelancing they say, suits them just fine
  • This discerning selection of young professionals we have interviewed work exclusively regarding the cyberspace, capitalising regarding the ever-increasing opportunities online.

The freedom and the wide range of opportunities that come with this option while a significant number of young Kenyans are freelancers for lack of ‘proper’ jobs, there are those who choose this route due to the flexibility.

This discerning selection of young professionals we have interviewed work exclusively on the cyberspace, capitalising in the ever-increasing opportunities online. They tell us just how ‘cosy’ it is to operate from the couch, in the comfort of their homes.

Susan Mukami, 25

Content writer

Education: Environmental Studies and Community Development (Kenyatta University), Public Relations (Nairobi Institute of Business Studies)

In primary and school that is high Susan would write letters for classmates with their family and friends, over time, she graduated to drafting and editing scripts for plays. This is how she started writing.

Why writing that is online?

I’ve had a passion that is long-running words, and freelancing allowed us to practice what I like. Before this, I worked as a projects coordinator in a government ministry. The role was taxing, I hardly had any time I had to wait an entire month for my pay for myself, and. I needed flexibility, and so I went and quit into freelancing.

Share with us your experience to date…

Freelancing helps someone to grow pretty fast because you come in charge regarding the growth of your income and career. I write for Potentash, a blog that publishes fiction, technology, finance, entertainment, lifestyle features and product critiques. Since joining the working platform in 2016, I have grown in my own writing and editing skills and in the general process of content creation. The knowledge happens to be nothing short of amazing.

Today, the largest audience that consumes written material is aquired online. Writing online has therefore given me a wider audience. Secondly, being a lifestyle blogger has exposed me to a large network of men and women in several industries. I have previously been contracted as a copywriter or a content creator by the government, an NGO and an company that is events-organising. Additionally, online freelance writing has a component of freedom to it. I will be fully in charge of my schedule. I only take assignments that I am able to finish, and have time to participate in my hobbies. The pay is also decent if you should be consistent and have now built a clientele base that is good. Most online writing jobs pay from Sh2,000 for a 150-words piece of work. With an important quantity of Kenyan graduates not able to get jobs, online writing jobs have grown to be an attractive alternative. All that’s necessary is a laptop, a Internet that is strong paper writing service connection willingness to master and grow. With the right freelancing sites, you can make just as much as Sh100,000 in per week. Determination and patience are foundational to in this job. Many may well not consider freelance that is online a worthwhile job, but it is, it builds your resume, cultivates your discipline and work ethics and pays your bills the same as a ‘regular’ job would.